National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I.Tsitovich

Choir group

Many of us at least once in our lives listened to the choir and even performed in it. For some, this forever remains only an imprint in the memory, for someone it has become a way of life. And someone, perhaps, simply enjoys the overflow of beautiful singing voices. After all, listening to the choir is a unique pleasure: the joint harmonious sound of so many voices cannot but delight.

For a long time, the Belarusian people have developed a tradition of inextricably linking the song with life. Fervent and ironic, cheerful and unrestrained, sad and touching folk song helped to work, heal, entertain, relax and even affectionately put to sleep. The song accompanied hard work, a joyful holiday and a sad ceremony. They sang during mowing and harvesting, lumberjacks sang to the beat of the ax, spinners and embroiderers sang at work, and soldiers were escorted to the service with songs. Songs sounded during calendar holidays and family celebrations. Folk songs reflect the best traits of the national character: kindness, diligence, courage, ingenuity, wit. They contain humor and irony based on worldly experience.

The song unites us, because singing is akin to a sincere conversation, only it comes easier. When the song flows in unison, we become closer, and nothing interferes: neither age, nor nationality, nor language. Everything becomes simple and clear: and kinship with the whole world and even the universe, these are by no means empty words. Human emotions find an outlet in this singing, whether you listen or sing.

Connoisseurs of beauty will certainly enjoy the a capella songs performed by our choir group. We put our whole soul into the songs, and there is no end to them. After listening to the choir, you can plunge into the story that is born on the stage and finds its individual embodiment for each listener in the concert hall. Smile, feel sad, think about something, dream or just take a break from everyday life - all this you can do by listening to the National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I. Tsitovich.

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