National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I.Tsitovich

Orchestral group

Belarusian music is a special kind of art, which is the essence of the identity and national color of the Belarusian people. The history of the Belarusian national musical art dates back to the time of the existence of such a nationality as the Eastern Slavs.

Love, joy, sadness, longing - Belarusian instrumental music is an indicator of the state of mind of the people. It is more than just a harmonious combination of instruments or voices. It carries feelings, experiences, emotions. Music can give strength and hope. The main feature of Belarusian instrumental music is the variety of folklore motifs, including those widely used by professional Belarusian composers at all times. It was they who accompanied people throughout their lives, and only they are able to convey the whole nature of the Belarusian people.

Like any nation, Belarusians have a number of pronounced national instruments, including duda, zhaleika, horn, lyre, violin and cymbals. And of course, any kind of harmonicas are very popular in Belarusian homes due to their wide capabilities. In the orchestral group of our team, almost all Belarusian national instruments are represented, both truly historical and created by modern masters of Belarus.

The musical art of Belarus seeks to preserve national musical traditions, while simultaneously developing styles and trends popular in the world. And it is precisely this combination of primordially Belarusian music in original arrangements with modern compositions by Belarusian authors that the orchestral group of the National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I. Tsitovich is glad to present to our listeners.