National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I.Tsitovich

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The National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I. Tsitovich is one of those outstanding groups of Belarusian culture, whose creative efforts largely shape its image, its national and all-Slavic qualities.

The ensemble has brought up more than one generation of musicians in the best traditions of the Belarusian choir school, which are inextricably linked and originate in the achievements of the Belarusian musical art.

Undoubtedly, all the creative activity and titanic efforts of this unique team are aimed at increasing (but not dividing) our cultural values and preserving them for posterity. Evidence of this is the wide recognition of the group's activities, its repertoire policy and the geography of creative performances.

In general, any choir is unique in musical culture. Our Belarusian choir is also notable for the fact that throughout its existence, it has always undoubtedly relied on the Belarusian song tradition, which took into account the genre diversity of folk music and its regional flavor.

Listening to a song performed by the choir, you will definitely believe in what you hear: crying, mourning or having fun with the lyrical hero, immersing yourself in time, touching that life, understanding and sympathizing with these people. And everything is collected in this song: the eternal noise of the oak, and the spring song of the nightingale, the foggy breath of the morning and the bloody sunset, the desperate cry of the widow and the frosty ringing of the wedding carts, the quiet cries of the destitute orphan, the first love and the bitterness of loss, the sad and lingering joy of the end hard work and longing for irreversible youth...

What a blessing for the whole Belarusian history that at one time such a person was found - Gennady Tsitovich, who gathered musical spikelets scattered all over Belarus into one bundle. What talent and faith one must have in order to create a real masterpiece based on a modest Polissya village song, unique, not yet known to anyone, but which will soon be heard all over the world! Only an incredible desire to preserve and bring to life such a rare and delicate treasure as the Belarusian folk song can achieve this goal.

Yes, there are people in our land who put the national idea in the first place, often contrary to their own human needs, people are obsessed, completely immersed in their favorite business. Such a selfless successor of the bright and honorable work of Tsitovich was Mikhail Drinevsky, who managed to enrich and popularize the Belarusian folk song space without deviating from the path set by his teacher. And today our most important task is to preserve this treasure, so carefully collected and selflessly presented to our people, in the form in which we received it.

After many years of development and formation, the choir at the present stage embodies the synthesis of various musical genres, subordinated to a single creative idea. The simultaneous performance of instrumental music, folk vocals and choreography is a distinctive feature of the group, which emphasizes its originality, creating a bright and colorful spectacle that embodies the synthesis of traditions and modernity, the diversity of Belarusian national culture.

The wide creative range of the choir makes it possible to include in the concert repertoire authentic folklore of different times and peoples, original arrangements of Belarusian folk songs, church music, dance and instrumental numbers based on folk music, contemporary author's works based on Belarusian song folklore of various themes. But the main direction of the team is folk national creativity. Belarusian folk song, performed both a cappella and with musical accompaniment, folk dance in all its purity and original beauty occupy a leading place in the repertoire.

A significant amount of work was done by the members of the group as part of expeditions and projects to collect and record folk songs in different regions of Belarus. Many works from the repertoire are based on folklore recorded during such travels. This creative line is still embodied in the concert programs.

There are many notes and articles about the collective in the press, on the Internet, and scientific works are being created about the activities of the collective. Due to their high artistic qualities and bright musical content, the concert programs of the National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.I. Tsitovich are constantly recorded on Belarusian radio and television and broadcast on national television and radio channels.

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